73 FJ40 seatbelts

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Apr 7, 2003
Does anyone know what the front stock seatbelts were. Were they lap or shoulder. I had to take out the roll bar which attatches my seatbelt. Is it legal to have just a lap belt?
they are lap belts,should be connected to the seats,my 73 didnt come with shoulder belts.
Thanks a lot I installed a lap belt last night. It will do untill I get my roll bar back on. I just wanted to be street legal.
Stock was 2 front lap belts. They are still legal, even if replaced. Wish they had shoulder belts! Belts were not required in the rear until 1972, a feature only allowed by pick-up trucks now. I have 4 kids and am trying to figure a way to configure 6 total shoulder and lap belts for all of us in my 71 FJ40. Good luck.

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