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Oct 26, 2003
Elizabethton TN
United States
Ok, I'm thinking about selling my cruiser. I like it but I hardly ever drive it and I have too much stuff. If I sell it good, if I don't that's fine too.
Here are the specs
Oct 72 Production date FJ-40
F motor, 3spd
runs excellent, carb has just been rebuilt, starts and runs fine even when it's cold.
Brand new brakes front and back. New drums on the front, and shoes and cylinders all the way around.
Just had the booster rebuilt last week, stops great.
Front and rear heaters work really good. New heater hoses on the rear heater and brand new SOR defrost ducts on the front.
All the lights work properly, turn signals cut off when the wheel returns to center, ect.
Parking brake works good.
Everything on the cruiser is in good mechanical shape. I was driving it most everyday until they started salting the roads.
Body is very clean,with minimal rust. No cancerous rust holes or anything. So surface rust on the hood and a little surface rust inthe front floor. All of this could easily be sanded and painted with little to no body work.
All the original emblems are in place and in good shape.
Soft top with hard doors. Top is in very good shape.
The only body damage on the whole vehicle are the windshield and the pass. fender. It looks like the cruiser may have been very lightly turned over on the passenger side. I repeat, if it did, it was very light. The fender has a dent in it, which could be fixed easily. The windshield is tweaked a little to one side, making a 1-2" gap inbetween it and door but I have a very good windshield that will go with the cruiser.
The tires are 31x10.50 BFG Mud Terrains on rusty chrome mods.
With a decent paint job this would be a very nice dependable cruiser.
I want $5,000 for it, and i'm pretty firm on the price. I will try to get pics tonight.
bjack515@earthlink.net or 423-647-3411

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