73 F engine FREE

Jul 18, 2003
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I have a stock f engine out of a 73 fj-40 free to a good home.
Now the bad news. It was removed because it had seized from no oil, probably a bad oil pump.It has some obvious bearing related damage.The motor will freely turn over.
I am keeping the carb,distributer,alternator,fan and pully.
I will throw in the bellhousing,flywheel,and clutch assembly.
If you want it, you can haul it. Im in the Sacramento, Ca. area.
Let me know.

If not, its going to get torn apart and taken to the salvage heep.
Sep 28, 2003
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I am interested in the F head only. If you do not get any bites on the motor and decide to scrap the thing. I will buy the F head off of you. give me a price.

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