'72 with 4-speed, What year is the clutch master cylinder?

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Oct 8, 2009
I've got a leaking clutch master cylinder and wanted to just replace the whole thing. I'm under the impression that they didn't make 72's with 4 speed transmissions so i assume mine was previously upgraded with a transmission off a later model. The master cylinder would be off the later model as well, right? I'm asking this because none of the clutch master cylinders i've found on the internet for a '72 look like what I have.

Let me go ahead and :flipoff2: myself in advance for this super newbie post. :)
It Could be the original 72 clutch M/C and slave cylinder,you could have a three finger or Diaphragm style clutch you can pull the inspection cover on the clutch and see what style clutch fork you have .....and of transmission too so you have post up some pictures ;)

Here's some pics I have of the clutch cylinders. I don't know if they will help by themselves, if not I'll get some pics of the clutch and transmission with the covers off.

Thanks Dusty 66
Master 2.jpg
Your's looks like the same unit on my '72 (original).
Thanks Guys

That's it Brasco20 Thanks,

This is the one I kept finding.
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No problem 191GA, Glad to help

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