'72 FJ55 for sale in Athens, OH

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United States
not associated but seem like a nice couple looking for a good home for their 55. I am posting pics and their description to help find it a good home. If interested, email the owners. This came across the 55 e-mailing list.

1972 Toyota Landcruiser FJ55. Truck needs restoration work, has a Chevy
350 V-8 motor, 33-inch BF Goodrich
Mud Terrain tires and a 4-inch lift kit. Asking $3,200. Located in
Athens, OH.


Wish we didn't have to sell ours, but I just don't have the time to give it the TLC that it deserves.

1 & 3) The body is rough, very rough. The previous owner had someone do the body work that (in my opinion) was terrible. Rust have come through in all the usual spots so whoever did the work must have just plastered over the rust instead of replacing steel where needed. Hence, my answer to question number three is, yes, bondo was used.

2) The frame appears to be in good shape though it was always my goal to blast and undercoat it.

The interior is also very rough. The were pulled out of a minivan and are solid but not pretty. I took the door skins off and planned to replace them when I refinished the doors. Haven't done that yet.

Sorry to be dwelling on the bad stuff so much, what is very solid is the chasis, it's got a great lift kit on it, a very solid Chevy 350 engine and automatic Turbo 350 transmission. Since radiators are pretty hard to get hold of, I replaced the original with an aluminum Howe Racing radiator. I've also replaced most of the ignition system.

email them for info... looks to be a nice runner and driveline needing body work.




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