72 fj40 rear hatch question

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Feb 4, 2015
ariel, wa
Hi guys I'm new to the forum and the fj40.I bought my cruiser about 2 weeks ago,it has a hard top but no rear hatch.It has a home made tail gate for now,my question is the top has mounting holes for the barn door syle and I found a upper hatch I want to buy now will that mount to my hard top?
If you could post some pics. The tail gate is usually on the soft top. Can you post your dash and inside door post near dash.

That's the hatch I wanna buy but looks like the mounting holes are on top of the hatch and the mounting holes on my hard top are on the sides for the barn doors,is this easy to convert? the measurements the guy gave to me for the hatch looks like a perfect fit for it to fit the top,I'm just concerned about mounting it
you need the rear upper top support with the hinges for your door ,you will have to drill holes in the hardtop sides for the latches and struts .the top support should bolt in
I have one that off the cruiser right now and I will post a few pics of what shelfboy1 is talking about.
I would see if someone wants to trade you the correct top.

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