For Sale '72 FJ40 jumpseat, other misc parts NJ

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Sep 12, 2006
New Jersey, dump here please
United States
GONE stuff no longer available, thanks ... All these parts are out of a 1972 FJ40:
Jumpseat SOLD
Gas tank 10
Intake manifold 10
Side cover 1
Tool box cover 10
Thermostat housing 10
Wiring harness with fuse block SOLD
Hardtop side panel, channel rusted out but good glass 10
Corner glass 5
Fan 2
Taillight lens, gasket, trim ring (small dent in it) 10
Oil filter mount, lines, copper valvetrain “oiler” tube, fitting, 2
Fuel pump 5
Miscellaneous parts from carburetor (jets, brackets, links, venturi) 1
Lower radiator hose, metal tube, and brass heater hose fitting 1
Emissions box 1
Air cleaner mount 1
Alternator mount bracket 1
Mirror arm 1
Horn 1
Coil 1

Local pickup strongly preferred, shipping at your cost otherwise. Stuff that will fit in a flat rate USPS box will ship quickly, the other stuff, well, we’ll work it out. I’m in southern New Jersey, minutes outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Text/call 215 850 6331 or email (and PayPal) gitm76 eight one at verizon dot net. Thanks!
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PM sent on wiring harness and fuse block.
PM sent on the jumpseat.
Tail light from bumper or back-up light from rear quarter panel? And pic if backup light please.

It's taillight only (no backup light available), the round style used through 1973 model year that sits next to the rear bumper and just below the curve of the bodyline below the rear sill. The lens has some scratches in it and the chrome trim ring has a dent, attesting to it's close encounter with trail obstacles, but miraculously, it survived intact, no cracks. With shipping address and PayPal payment, it goes out tomorrow. Thanks!

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