72 fj40 front heater questions

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Jun 30, 2013
redoing my 72. MY front heater is dented and rusty. I need a new one for restoration. MINE has the knob coming out the lower left side of the heater. the front is smooth. THE ONLY ONES I CAN FIND have the knob coming out the front middle of the heater with the long slot running down the face. my problem is i have found a few for sale with the middle knob. i have not found the type in my 72 now. did someone switch the front heater at some time? or will the other style bolt right in place of mine? i cant post pics of what i had, the heater is long gone. please help me with my questions. if you have pics they will help. if you know of a nice front heater for sale with the side mounted knob let me know. im new to this and working on this together with my son who is a recovering addict. it clears his head and keeps him focused. everyone has a Jeep he says.....i want to be different.
Look up Metric TLC or AATLAS1X here on mud, he has what you need. Ask him.
the heater models switched in later years - maybe you can pick on up from the Classifieds on here ?
68 Thru 73 models used the same heater. Difference was in 72 and 73 the knob used to switch to the side to clear the transmission floor shift.As far as I know the slot was still in the front of the 72 and 73 models. 74 Model the heater changed to include a vent on the top.
I have a front heater boxed up somewhere, it may be the one you are looking for. I think it is for a 9/73-77. I.M. your email address to me, and i can get you some pics.
My 72 has the exact heater as you describe, so I think it is the original. I haven't ever researched but my guess is the later model ones will bolt right up (other than the afore mentioned being in the way of the shifter).
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that's how mine looks, except for defrost handle, which is not bent
that is the exact model i need. anyone have a nice one for sale?
looking for the hoses that come off the heater also. thank you.
besides SOR does anyone make the hoses that come off the heater? thank you.
besides SOR does anyone make the hoses that come off the heater? thank you.

SOR shows the defrost hoses as OEM. If that ist he case one of the Toyota dealers that offers discounts to mudder should be able to get them cheaper.

I checked some of my heaters this weekend. Only one with the side defrost handle did not have the slot. I was sure I had seen onewith the side handle ande front slot. Checked today and the one I installed in my 68 with a four speed has the side handle and slot. I stripped one out of a 71 FST. The one with the slot may be that one. Where I got the other and what year it is out of:meh: That one will go in my 73 FST which had a land rover heater mounted to clear the A/C it had.

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