72 and 73 fj40 for sale (1 Viewer)

Jun 16, 2004
Northern Colorado
United States
72 and 73 fj40 for sale price drop $2500.00

Price Drop $2500.00

Ok guys let me know if my pricing is outa line here.
Here's what i have

1972 fj40 mostly stock, stock front seats and long jump seats in the rear, has an F block in it right now with a burned piston and the head off missing some engine parts. Has pretty good body, but not purfect by any means, this cruiser could be a runner if someone were to drop a cheap f engine in it. Oh i almost forgot it has a saginaw box and pump.

1974 fj40
this cruiser has a Chev 350 V8 with low miles in it, this cruiser's body is pretty rusty, the Engine runs beautifully edelbrock intake and carb, it has a disc brake front end and a 4speed transmission, aftermarket bucket seats and diamond plate corners.

This package deal comes with an extras set of studded 235/75/15 tires and a post 76 hard top with the vent windows and amby doors.
I am wanting to get $3000.00 min out of all.
I really do not want to part these out because i dont have time to be wrenchin or i would have a nice rig out of the two if i did have the time.
The only items i will sell seperate are the Hard top and amby doors. I will also seperate the rigs but not part them out.
Thanks for your input and interest.

I am open to offers and possible trades.

The cruisers are in Northern Colorado

Pm me if interested.
attached are some pics. The Blue and red one is the 72 and the black and red is the 74.
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