71 fj40 license plate light wire, What color?

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May 15, 2010
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Trying to figure out which wire powers the license plate light.
4 wires to the rear;
G/Y=left tail
G/O=right tail
R/B=No power
I currently have it wired this way. All lights/blinkers work except license plate light.
I'm guessing the R/B wire is for the plate light but I have zero volts from this wire with key on and lights on.
I haven't traced it to see if there's a break somewhere yet, but will if that is the wire that's supposed to power the light.
The other wire should be backup lights. The license plate light could be either of the tail light wires.
Tried that. G/Y or G/O powers the license light but G/Y and blinkers don't work. G/O and blinkers work but license light also blinks which I think is unique.
Yes. Thank you. I got it to work. Seems as though there was a trailer harness at some point in time. I had to run a separate ground for it to work.
Thanks for the help gentlemen.

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