71 Complete Rebuild!? This should be fun...

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Jun 11, 2011
Dickson, TN
SO i just finished tearing down my 1 owner 1971 Cruiser I purchased on a vacation to Denver. The original owner had decided to mod the exhaust with headers and a 307 gm motor that wouldnt run over 50mph. I also found a reserve gas tank under the car he had welded in at some point. I think he was doing some trail riding in the rockies. I have brought this thing to tennessee and want to make it a daily driver....i live eight minutes from work. The rear seal is rusteout and also the driverside floor and the right quarter panel where the tire carrier attatches. I am gonna document the full build with pics for this site and will def. have a million questions about puting this machine back together! I just picked up a sand blaster today and gonna do the frame this week. Want to get any reviews from real steel cruisers parts as i need some replacement pieces for the rusted ones. Also since i never started with an original motor im thinking of going diesel since i would get more power and better milage, really want to put a toyota version in so any suggestions would be greatly appreciatted and needed. Was looking at a international but the are kinda pricey....and lots of locals have suggested a cummins but think sticking with yota makes most sense. Thanks in advance for all the help and love this site. Will be back this week with frame pics...
A few pics......



Any suggestions on motors that could be easily used in my rebuild? I currently do not have one...but need to make a decision to put my frame work in.
Thanks @mschliebs thats a nice looking frame. Project Moose40 is underway and still in search of the right motor. Thought i would get a better response on here from some of the more knowledgeable fj40 peeps...but i will keep searching the site for valuable info.
Love it everytime I see a 40 I want it.

My build started off in far worse shape good luck

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