700r4-Toy 4 spd case RIGHT shaft?

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Jun 18, 2008
Sonoma, CA.
just recieved my adapter and shafts from AA and i think i may have the wrong transmission shaft in my kit.

my invoice says :
1 50-8902
1 716370

and the # on the shaft i have says :
52-1600 which is not on my invoice

also, the sticker on the shaft says turbo 400-toy 4
where what i am in need of a shaft for a 700r4

do i have a wrong part for my app??

here are a few pics (sorry for the sh*tty cam phone pic of the sticker)
1 more

thanks for the assistance
Have you called Georg?
50-8902 is the adpater for a GM 700R4 to 16 spline Toyota transfer case...

ADVANCE ADAPTERS <---- this is a link

yup, he asked me to email him pics and then realized i couldn't send pics through MUD mail so i made a post...know he's busy and didn't want to call again to ask for his email again!!
Did you get the transmission shaft?

Where is the picture of that?
ive seen that page 100x...i also ordered another kit to make mine work so i have other parts along with my order. im just concerned that i have a wrong shaft considering it says TURBO400-TOY4 and NOT 700R4-TOY4
i am not familiar enough with these adapters and transmissions to know if they are universal or not. thats why i have questions.

here is everything but the gaskets i received...how we lookin?
but the question is : has the CORRECT part been included in this KIT?
it says TURBO400-TOY4
i DO NOT have a TURBO400
you have all the proper parts there luke. some of the parts in the adapter kits are used for more than one application and they get a name and part # designated the first time they're put into production. so sometimes you end up with a part that might not have the "right name" but it's the proper part for the job at hand.

no worries, you're good to go!

i have never had a problem with AA sending the wrong part in a kit. their quality control is top notch which is one of the reasons i use and sell their stuff.

all the best!

georg @ valley hybrids
thanks brotha! thats what i assumed would prob be the case! glad that it was so! time to install :)

ok, so got the adapter installed and and am now wondering if the Toy L/C Front D/S Corse Spl (AA part # 716370) was included.
the AA catalog i have mentioned this is a "coarse spline yoke (10T)". i don't see a yoke at all with this kit??? i am missing something?

here is the pic with the 700 and adapter installed
also the pic of my new 4spd TC about to be built

can i use a twin stick with this setup and which one should i go with??

thanks all
the driveline kit comes with a drive flange for the t-case front output. it's goint to be almost perfcetly round at the mating surface but a bit smaller in diameter than the existing flange on the t-case right now.

aa does sell the proper twin-stick kit for your setup. pm me if you're interested....... :)

my invoice is showing this part #716370, but i never saw it with my order

this is the AA part shown on their site:
hmmmm, that's strange. you should have received two seperate boxes or one large box with both kits in it. here's your tracking info:

UPS: Tracking Information

i just left a voicemail with AA, they will call me tomorrow to see what's going on here. i'll call you asap.

lemme know when everything is accounted for.

thanks again!!!!!

georg @ valley hybrids
just received the the drive flange for the t-case front output, thanks for your quick follow up and through!!!
righton, thanks for the heads-up and the biz!
georg @ valley hybrids

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