700R4 shifters

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Aug 15, 2006
Windsor, CO
I'm gathering parts for my TBI350/700R4 swap into my FJ60.

I want something for a daily driver that my wife can drive. So, it needs to be user friendly in that regard. I had a Lokar shifter in an old 72' Blazer and it was okay, but was really sensitive and I just really don't like the longer style shifters like that. I'm leaning towards a gate type shifter of some sort.

Art Carr
B&M Sport Shifter
Lokar, etc.

Any opinions on what is good? Not much of a slush box guy, but want one for this rig. Also, any good pics of consoles with the shifters installed?
You can adapt a FJ62 shifter. I use a B&M sport shifter. It is OK but if I did it again I would use a FJ62 shifter.

I was told by Jim @ Downey that the 62 shifter would not work due to the difference in throw between gears 700R4 vs A440?

Do you know of a way to adapt it? I would much rather go that route than the B&M shifter I got from Summit... The B&M looks too "racecar" for my DD
I have a B&M truck Megashifter. Works great and the extra height fits the FJ60.
PM "Octavio62" here on the board. He runs a stock one in his truck.
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I have a gated shifter for my own up-coming SBC/700 install. Mine is a different brand sourced from WCB, but this is essentially the same shifter:


Turbo Action 70002B - Turbo Action Cheetah SCS Shifters

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