700R4 Leaking to TC

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Mar 28, 2003
Crawled under the 55 to find a new leak. Seems the AA adapter is leaking ATF into and overfilling the TC. What is causing the leak, the sealed bearing? I have looked at the AA instructions, but something tells me there may be a few tricks when reinstalling the adapter and TC. The conversion was done 10+ years ago by Danny. Thanks for all your help.
sealed bearings are not exactly sealed.......they will let some fluid pass thru. inherant to the design.

drain the t-case to the proper level ( some ATF in the t-case won't hurt anything) and then check it after 100 miles or so. make sure you top off the trans first. that outta give you a good idea of how much fluid is actually being passed thru.


georg @ valley hybrids
While I've almost got everything out of the way to remove the TC/adapter, I like what you are saying better and may put everything back together as I trust your advice more than my mechanical abilities. And if it is loosing too much ATF into the TC, would it be the bearing? Thanks for your help Georg. -Byron
it would have to be the bearing unless the bearing housing is bad ( if the bearing spun in the housing and allowed for "extra" clearance in there.
one of the great benefits of dealing with suppliers like AA is the fact that they support all of their kits by selling all of the parts seperatley, including this bearing. so give them a call and i'm sure they'll be happy to help.

1-800-350-2223 try ext 523 and talk to matthew. they should have the gasket set for you as well. if not, send me a pm, i have them in stock......


georg @ valley hybrids

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