70 series swappability

Feb 3, 2002
I have a late model 40 and want to swap some 70 series parts onto it. Anyone swapped 70 series axles under a 40? PTO winch? How about the power steering?

- Rick
Feb 26, 2002
It depends on what 70 series. For the most part, they are compatible, at least the axles are. The P/S setup can be used with some tweaking.


i put those axel on one of my fj40.it fit rigth on. the PTO winch is the same in both 40 , y 70 series. but to put the steering it will be more simple to use a fzj80, fj60 or fj62 steering part. sorry about my english Im from Venezuela.
Apr 20, 2002
70 series PTO winch heads sometimes have an opposite rotation worm gear to J40 series and often have only a uni-directional PTO (so only on/off vs forward-neutral-reverse). J60/J80 PS has been done more often than J70 although it should be similar to saginaw type systems. Axles are essentially same- just the steering ends are going to be larger on J70 vs J40.

year donor of J70 parts and what year 40 gets the stuff?
Nov 16, 2002
Hi Rick,

The pre 1990 70 series winch has some common parts with a 40 series but it's not the same. Unlike in the 40 where the winch crossmembers sit on top of the frame rails, the 70 winch sits between the frame rails and the cable comes out through the bumper. You have to do some fabricating to fit it to the 40 frame like grafting the front crossmember where the fairlead sits to the 40 frame. What year is the winch?

As far as I can tell , the steering box looks very similar to the 60 series except the pitman arm faces backward. This places the box farther forward on the frame that it may interfere with the 40 radiator. You have a RHD 70 series steering gearbox, right? A RHD box also will have the sector shaft inside (starboard) to the frame rail where it may hit the PTO driveshaft.

Aren't you glad you're no longer in the ROK? Hope you won't have to go back!


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