70 series newbie. What code = 4 door?

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May 27, 2006
Hi 70 series experts,

I am looking to import a 1988 - 1994 70 series but I need to know how to decode the chassis codes so I don't end up buying the wrong vehicle from overseas!

I want to buy a Left Hand Drive 4 door wagon (Troopie??) 4x4 version. Is this known as a 78 series?

Is a Prado something other than a 70 series LC?

Also, what engine and transmission options were offered back in this year range?

Other than rust and normal wear and tear is there anything to really look out for that goes wrong and costs lots of $$$?

Thanks :cheers:
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It would help if you said where you live.
Basically anything that starts as a LJ(LJ-70, LJ-73, LJ-78) is considered a light duty 70 series, that is it has the smaller engine, 2LT, with pick-up drive train. The engine is considered the week link, not good.
For the years you are asking about, the options typically would look like either a BJ- or HZJ- something. These would be considered heavy duty, better engines and heavier duty suspension/drivetrain. Of course there are also gasser versions of these, like a RJ- I think.
As to 4 door for the years you listed I know the LJ-78 is a 4 door, don't know off hand if there where any other options for the years listed, that is any heavy duty 4 door models. The Troopy is a 2 door with the long wheel base.
Try find/google a pic of what shape vehicle your looking for and some will be able to tell you what model it is and what motors etc were avl in it. try google image lj78 , fzj76 , hzj76 , hzj77
There is also a LJ/RJ79 4 door

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