70 fj40 wiring tear down identification

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Sep 27, 2016
Clinton ohio
Im getting ready to pull this harness from my 70 parts rig. Going to be rebuilding the harness after some good insight from coolerman. Can anyone get me started with A general description of which sections I have circled for labeling purposes. I tried to distinguish using different colors for the holes. Everything was already disassembled and this is my first time around

I will give it a shot.
Blue is the rear chassis wiring, ie tail lights etc
Green is the wiring going to the starter, coil
Red and yellow are the same group that goes to the voltage regulator and alternator
Part of the blue also feeds the front passenger side, the horn, headlights, turn signals, and marker lights. These leads terminate at a junction block in the front corner. Then there is a small harness that goes across the front bib and feeds the other junction block in the front drivers side.

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