70 F valve train oil supply

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Sep 20, 2012
I had head redone and after installing ,setting lash and taking compression checks noticed the train is still dry. I do have oil pressure on Toyota gauge cluster and I am getting oil through copper supply line. Does video look like normal supply?
Yes, you do have the rest of the oil line?
So if that is normal and I am not getting oil out of rockers I guess I will pull the valve train out and clean it.
Here is a picture connected.

Put cylinder #4 TDC, it will oil the rockers while you spin the oiler with a drill, otherwise it will take a moment to get oil to the rocker assembly using the starter to rotate the motor.
Make sure you have oil coming out of each of the two holes per rocker. One hole dribbles oil onto the valve stem and the other hole dribbles onto the push rod.
EDIT: Sorry, I missed post #4. Those little rocker holes can get packed up pretty well.
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