69 fj40 master cylinder

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Sep 2, 2003
I have a 69 fj40 with front d/b with the original single line master cylinder. Know i should replace it, but i have no time or $ to do it. wonderin if there is a residual check to remove and if so how to remove it. looked in the tech section but didnt find what i needed. any help would be much appreciated.
I don't see how the brakes will work properly without a dual circuit master. IMO you should suck it up and go with '70 or later master (dual circuit).
Like Eric said, the single circuit MC won't work on a combo disk/drum setup. If you leave the residual pressure valve in, your fronts will drag. If you take the RPV out, you'll have to pump the pedal to stop as the rear brake springs will collapse the slave cylinders all the way in.

I see you live in Redding, CA. There is a Pick-N-Pull there. Find a 1979-1989 Toyota minitruck (2WD or 4WD) and get the master cylinder. It should cost you about $12 without brake booster or $20 with booster. You will have to redrill the firewall to make it fit, but the bolt pattern is the same whether you use a minitruck or a cruiser master and booster. The minitruck master is already valved correctly for a front disk / rear drum setup.
I just replaced mine with a 74? Chevy master. I think it was about $20.00. The fabricaton work was just some redrilling into the 'ol 66 firewall. Get/borrow a dbl flare tool and mate to the existing lines.................and it's done!

And if you'd like a spare master cylinder, let me know.......like new and real cheap!
Danny Warden made an adapter for the early firewall in order to mount a booster from a later model rig (40, 60, mini) that clears the firewall rib and eliminates the drilling requirement. I dunno if he still makes them, but I picked one up a year ago on the used market.
thanks for the help. i was just running out of time and needed to get it moved to a permanent spot for the possibilty of a long term. i will probably pick up the new m/c and booster here in redding and if i have time to intstall after i tke it back to lake county. funny thing is that i have ran the disk brakes on the single m/c for quite some time with no problems.. pads wore a litle quick but stopped fine. anyways off to the pick n pull

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