Wanted '69 FJ40 Gastank

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Feb 19, 2010
Nashville, TN
United States
Need a good usable gas tank for my '69 40 series. It doesn't have to be beautiful but I don't want a project tank either. Let me know if you have anything.

Here is a pic of the truck, if that helps.
I'm not a total expert but based upon the gas cap location and shape (ie no fuel door) I think it probably will work but hard to say 100% without seeing the tank.


P.S. I attempted to send you another PM but I think your inbox is full. Wouldn't go through.
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A 72 tank will fit in a 69. It will have extra emissions fitting. The 69 tank tank the fuel line hooked up on the side towards the middle. Not 100% sure it was still the same in 72 or if one of the other fittings was used. SOR shows a early fuel line up to 7/70. Then a 71 model line and a 72/73 line. Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Search On 168-15

Hope this helps.
my 69 has a 72 tank had to plug a bunch of vent lines has been in there for several years.
Yep, that be the one. Unfortunately I just ordered one from cruiserparts.net. I'm so sorry if I have wasted your time. But perhaps not, as cruiserparts order submission form always feels a bit iffy. I think the order went through, got an order # but no shipping info :? Anyways, if that doesn't work, I will take you up on it. Course, I can't be the only one needing a tank for this model year. And as CCOT wants $420 before shipping for a new one, used seems like a good route to take. If not me, someone else will probably need it. At any rate, thank you. Sorry, just had to rush this because I need to drive it very soon.
Here is a pic of the truck, if that helps.

The 40 pictured appears to be a pre 72. The vent in the cowl on a 72 would have been stamped into the metal not a piece that was held on with screws.

Here are a couple pics.

This is not a 72 tank. It would be earlier. None of the extra fitting a 72 tank would of had are there.

In short it would be a direct replacement for a 69.

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