68 jewel

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Apr 14, 2011
Washington (yes, the state)
I found this in my travels. She is a real jewel. Title says 67, Spector says 68. I bought it from the original owners son. The truck is almost completly original including belts and hoses. A little surface rust on the floor pans and a few rust spots on the section under the tail gate but over all pretty solid. Still had the Toyota tool kit under the seat and a set of shop manuals. Here is the kicker... 27,700 miles.

I mean really, WOW!

Gorgeous truck. Your gonna have to post more pics and give a little more background. I hope your plan is to keep it original as it is and cherish it.

Thanks for sharing.

Only thing happening to this truck is replacment of soft parts like belts and hoses. I also pulled all the California smog equipment off. Amazing how much better it runs without 47,000 vacuum leaks.
Very nice find !
Where abouts are you up here ?:cheers:
welcome here, later ad stocks rims and hub caps...there's a topic about made the oem replicas for your year made. Nice found congrats
factory soft top nice find ,great truck
Gorgeous truck!!! I cannot imagine someone wanting to sell it. But I suppose a person has to do what they have to do to survive. Great find!:cheers:
Roboos... The fellow I bought it from is down sizing for retirment. This was his dads truck. I bought it with the promise not to throw 38s on it or drop in a V8 or as he says" Paint flames on the hood". Easy promise to keep. I don't want to change anything!
Man, if I didn't already have the karma cruiser in my stable, I'd be hunting you down to get my hands on this! What you have there is quite the jewel sir.

Whatever you do...PLEASE DON'T PAINT IT!

Just clean it up and take lots of pics of it in cool places so we can drool.:grinpimp:

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