68 clutch master cylinder

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Mar 15, 2009
guadalajara, mexico
I have a problem to put apart the cap of the old clutch master cykinder, it seams that is rust weld, an i try so many things
any sugestions????

plaese! jejeje
I had the same problem with mine (1970) I just purchased a rebuild kit locally and honed the cylinder installed it and have had no problems.
The plug will thread out, it's probably just rusted. Use a good penetrating oil (3M penetrant works well) and, as the book shows, put it in a vise, and use a pipe wrench. I just finished the same job, both master and slave, and it was no fun. It took 3 hours to break the end plug loose. The end plug is about 3/4 inch deep fine thread, Just use the penetrant and go easy. You'll get it. Pictures below. Good Luck
clutch ms rebuild 002.jpg
clutch ms rebuild 001.jpg
For reference, you can get a brand-new OEM Aisin master from Specter for $160 or a new aftermarket for $70.
sence I'am in mexico , I went there last week, and I bougt the replasment kit , but I realice ,that i had the earlier version put in to.
so I'm tryn to fix the old one I have , and see whats append
now it are on the penetrant oil stage!!
best and wish me look!!!!
ok at last somebody make it in 15 minutes
put it on a table screw holder and give some hits wiht a hammer on the sides , then usind the pipe wrench, just some arm power and WHALA!, is out , I clean it and put it togeder and that's it
TX !!
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