67 FJ40....The new addiction

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Apr 21, 2011
Batesville, Arkansas
Well after months of searching with a small budget I finally got lucky and found my first 40. It's been in the San Antonio area its whole life so besides one small spot on the top of the passenger door there is no rot. I'm excited to get started with its refresh/restore. Probably not going to do a frame off right now.

Bought it from the 2nd owners. 1st owner was a Texas hill country farmer that used it around the ranch for just a couple of years. Second owner daily drove it until his family got too big for it. They parked it 22 years ago and that's where it's been ever since. I got a great deal on it because they realized they were never going to get back around to fixing it up. Plans right now are to change all fluids and lines, check the engine out and get it running and replace the brakes. I'd like to drive it some before I start pulling the body for sanding and new paint. I'm going to stay as stock as possible right now and only add a few comfort mods. And the bezel has since been flipped. So :flipoff2:



A few more




It has a/c. Looks to be aftermarket and done professionally. Anybody know anything about that setup?
Still more. Everyone loves pics so I took plenty.



Last ones for now. Anyone recognize the carb setup?



Both doors look this good.
Thanks! I may go back with that original red with the white pin stripes. I think it gives it a vintage look. Plus you don't see the stripes much.
Great find! It looks like a very complete specimen. Are you willing to tell us what you paid for it?
Carburetor looks like an old Man A free piece of junk Get and OEM set up and be done with It...what dose the distributor look like ?
Congrats! Looks like a really solid old Cruiser. I wouldn't be in a hurry to restore that either. Get it road worthy and enjoy it for a while. Love the warranty card. That would make a great t-shirt. "The tough ones come from Toyota". I've never seen that before. Welcome to the addiction. :cheers:
Great find! It looks like a very complete specimen. Are you willing to tell us what you paid for it?

No that doesn't bother me.

Lets just say that after $450 in gas to go get it, I've spent about $1950.
I agree with those who say just get it running (and stopping) reliably and just enjoy it for a while. The more you drive it the more you know what direction you want to go with it. It looks very sound, good on you!:cheers:
Cool find!

Are those spare jets mounted on that carb return spring bracket?

Charge up that A/C system with some r12 and you'll be makin' ice cubes.
Go through the steering and brakes and give it a full tune up.
Then give that red paint a quick buff and drive that thing! Its only original once!
You will be suprised how much it will shine up.

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