'67 45LV home. Now for the tweaky stuff

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Apr 15, 2009
Foresthill, Calif.
I had a full rebuild done on the rear diff. All 12 bolts had sheared off that hold the ring gear to the carrier plate. This happened before I bought it. It couldn't have happened over night, fer sure.

With the motor shut off and the ket turned off, my right rear tail light stays on. I figure it might be in the headlight switch but someone here may know otherwise.

The clutch engages right at the top of the pedal and even then feels slow in mating. Bad clutch or funky hydraulics?

The truck is bone stock, I'm the 3rd owner, has a bit over 75,500 miles (documented) and needs paint. Body is straight and two small areas of rust thru by front doors.

The carb needs a rebuild but a kit came with the truck so I'll do that today.

Any help or pointers are gratefully accepted.

67 Landcruiser FJ45 LV pictures by mikemudge - Photobucket


On my '67 if you turn the headlight knob full clockwise it lights up the left rear tail light and front left running light. I had an old Porsche that did the same thing. I think they were parking lights. One click counter clockwise was off, 2 ccw is running lights, 3 ccw is headlights etc.
Very nice... I've always wanted a LV but there are so very few around in Western Austraila. The people that have them won't sell them.

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