Wanted 66 FJ40 Rear View (inside) Mirror and Visors

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May 8, 2014
Wilmington, N.C.
United States
Looking for inside rear-view mirror and driver and passenger visors for 66 FJ40 (10/65) for a restoration. Am open to quality repros/repops as well. Thanks!!
Thank you very much! I had in fact missed it. I'll compare with the one that came with the rig (honestly had no idea whether it was this shape or the wider/more rectangular mirrors like on earlier models). Unfortunately most interior photos of rigs don't focus on the rear-view.
I'm about 90% finished (if one can ever be truly finished with a 40) and have picked up a 76 since we last spoke.
How are your projects (as I recall, you had a couple of irons in the fire in between trips to Mexico).
Take care and if your schedule permits perhaps one Sat we can grab lunch in Rocky Point or Burgaw.
Thanks again

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