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Aug 12, 2020
Northern Arizona
Hey everybody, I was wondering about the poly gas tanks for a 66 FJ40. Curious about any pros/cons. They are listed as '68 and forward but have also seen that simple mods can be done to fit into my '66.

I have a dual tank set up (16 or so gallon 2nd tank), so the extra 4 gallons on an OEM style tank isn't THAT big of a deal. I am looking down the line to fuel injection- have a Chevy 327 -and the poly tanks have a return line built in. I suppose welding or otherwise installing a return line in a new, unpainted metal tank like from SOR would't be that big of a deal. My current tank has a few small leaks and with winter coming I sure wouldn't mind being rid of the smell in the cab. '66 doesn't have the fuel separator or charcoal canister so those lines aren't necessary. My rig is far from stock, so maintaining the OEM aesthetic, though on my mind and keeping to it when I can, is not a deal breaker. $200 extra for the metal OEM style tank, plus paint, also isn't a deal breaker. I'm in the process of doing a stage 1 interior re-do: first installing Lizard Skins sound and heat insulation spray, followed by all new body seals/gaskets, a Vintage Air heater, and new hardware. I have the stock tank out and am running on the 2nd tank til it's all dialed. Hopefully will be all sprayed and put back together in the next week, with the heater install after that.

On a side note, does anyone know what hardware was actually used in the tub area for '66? There were three different types of screws back there- hex head, really small Phillips, and some pan-head slotted. I haven't seen any JIS slotted screws in my searches (slotted seems to be just slotted), which leaves me thinking it should all be JIS hex. These are not hard to find.

Any input / advice appreciated.



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Apr 14, 2004
A lot of folks (and I mean like 2/3rds) of people buying the 22 gallon rear poly tank from me are buying it with plans to run FI on the truck. The top plate is very conducive for installing an in tank pump.

PN 200-0501 on the Specials page of my website,


And, I have one NOS ConFerr steel tank with no sender provision if you’d rather run steel and make your own hole.

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