65 fj 40

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Oct 16, 2006
Reidsville, NC
I am looking at a 65 here on mud and was wondering if you experienced 40 guys can tell me what is in store for me and how much(estimate) I am going to drop on this unit!
List of things that must be done!
1.family cage from metaltech($400)?
2.Locked front
3.disk brakes
4.rear bench seat(junkyard)

Other items I would like to address but not necessary
1. lift
2.drivetrain(currently inline6)
5.paint and body

What do you guys think, ideas and opinions welcome!
How much work can you do yourself?

What kind of shop/tools do you have?

You are looking at A LOT of cash, even if you do the work yourself.

Where are you finding a Metal Tech family cage for 400.00us?

Who is going to assemble/weld/install it?
Got a good friend who can weld. Not sure on the cage price that is why i had the ?. Only the first three or four items have to be done now.
MetalTech Cage

Pretty easy to search internet and get the exact price for metaltech. They have a good website.

Got a good friend who can weld. Not sure on the cage price that is why i had the ?. Only the first three or four items have to be done now.
Aussie locker ran me about $300 shipped. Lock the rear, not the front. Birfields and steering suffer with a front auto locker. Alternative is to dump the coin for a selectable locker (figure roughly $1K by the time you buy an ARB, have the gears set back up if you can't do it yourself, plus compressor). I doubt an electric locker is significantly cheaper.

Metaltech cage ran about $750 shipped, but tubing prices have come down ... Depends on options and type of tubing you select. Welding cost depends on how good a friend your friend is! I took a welding course and bought a small MIG ... but now I gotta hire an electrician to rewire the garage to handle the current ... sigh. Just a thought.

Disc brake conversation depends on how you do it. Mini truck parts (whole axle about $150 depending on your local market) v. aftermarket kit (Wilwood from TLC = roughly $750 IIRC; not wild about Chev type from JTO but about $500 that route; figure somewhere in that range for FJ60 knuckle cuts from most vendors ... Pick-A-Part might be best option aside from buying a parts truck; Craigs has yielded some bargains on parts trucks).

Rear bench seat cost depends on your haggling and fab skills. See why Poser said it's expensive?

Opinion: Figure out how you want to use the rig first. If you're not sure, do the 'cage (safety issue), any deferred maintenance, and maybe disc brakes if yours are otherwise shot (safety again). Then wheel it. It's your rig. The only opinion that really matters is yours! Experience is what informs your opinion, and besides, it's fun and that's the point! GL and welcome to the addiction!
You should show some pics, everything you listed seems like it's the stuff you don't really need to drive it, more the fun stuff, when you say optional and say inline six, I imagine you are talking sbc conv. but is it mechanically straight and reliable? if it is I would do it as you need and can afford, if you need brakes now, do a disc conversion, if you need an engine focus on that, if you put a lift you gotta realize decent bigger tires are gonna be 700 to 1500 bucks on top of your lift price. But if you do your whole list depending on your skill and thrift, I would say between 4 and 10 grand, so you should give it to me and save alot of money.
If you dont do the work yourself, buy a later model rig that already has disc brakes and power steering. I bought a 74 not knowing anything about the different years, and had to spend a bunch of money on front disc conversion, and pay someone to install it. Needs power steering, but will have to wait. If i had to do it again i would have bought a later model. Thats just me though, i cant do the work myself. dont have the tools or the know how.
Great info!! That is what i am looking for, some general ideas and estimates on what you guys have been through. The 40 needs nothing to drive as is right now. Wheeling is not every weekend but at most 6 or 7 times a year but If I decide I want to go more I want to be able to. Cage would be a absolute must!! It is one of those things that I would need to drive a while and probably see what I would like done to it but I want a general idea of what I am getting into and I do have a budget(7k). Broscoe, I thought about going with a somewhat newer 40, this 65 attracts me because it has very little rust but your are right about buying one already with disk and other items I need, definitley alot to think about. Dedtruk you are correct, getting all maintanance up to date and running reliable would be first, then cage. Thanks guys!! By the way the 40 is listed here on mud, it is Timmbuck2's 65, I have spoken with him a couple times and seems very straight forward.
As far as the money goes ill tell you what i spent on the 74 to get it close to where i want it to be. Disc conversion from jto was 500 or 550, cant remember. Weber carb 300, clutch kit 400, warn 8274 1500, a few other things and had them check everything, so it will be reliable. Total shop bill with labor, clutch kit, fluids and such was 1600. Now its at the tire shop for 4 inch lift 33's, rims and offraod lights. Lights were 150, lift with labor is around 1200 and rims and tires are around 1500, not sure of the total bill, havent payed it yet, they still have the rig.

Spent 3500 buying the rig, and have put around 7 grand into it. Man it sure does add up fast OUCH!!!
I'm doing nearly same upgrades to my '64. If you are patient FJ40 parts can fall into your lap once the word is out. For instance: I just bought a pair of '76 axles for $600. Little did I know that the guy was going to give me 2 trannies, 350 adapter plate, offer to help with my rig, and become a good friend. Little did I know that he and his son have built 4-5 FJ's and that he is a welder by trade. They've offered to do all my welding. Just met another guy that gave me a rebuildable 2F that came with 4 wheels, 4-speed tranny, etc. Be very patient and you'll start gathering things. Rush into it and you'll be paying tons of money even from some fellow Mudders- unfortunately.

That was kind of what I was thinking, if I get it in good running condition and can drive it as I collect the parts I need. I do have a truck so its not my only mode of transportation, but I would go ahead and do the family cage so the kids can ride.
Been doin' a frame off moderate rebuild of my son's '65 for 3 years, now. I don't even look at the stack of receipts, and I know it's only going to continue to grow.

If it runs, drive it and start saving up. Trust me.
Time & Money, Usage, and becoming a mechanic

Time: You are going to spend a lot of time working on your truck and it won't be anything on your list. Little things are always needed and nothing is easy on an FJ40. If you don't have a lot of time and need to rely on others to fix, figure a lot of money spent at shops.

Money: Double what every you add up on your list and then you may get close to a good estimate. Upgrades lead to fixing other things that you find along the way.

Usage: My suggestion is to keep the truck road worthy as much of the time as possible. Keep your projects short in duration to limit down time on the truck. Don't do multiple projects at a time. Drive it so you can remind yourself that the effort is worth it because the FJ40 is just so freaking fun to drive.

Mechanic: If you have no interest in buying tools, meters and reading/researching your truck I would say proceed with caution. Both my FJ40 were purchased from people who gave up because the didn't want to spend hours trying to figure out how to blinkers to work, starting systems to work, leaks plugged and so forth.

Best advice to any person buying an FJ40 -- find one in the best possible condition - with the most options you want already installed as this will give you a good starting point.

And if you are like most of us, you will ignore all our advice and buy the first FJ40 you see and then spend hours on this site.
I have a 63 so I can tell you that you will spend a fair stack of money getting a 1960's 40 up to spec of a later model 40. First off, you would have coarse spline axles, which if you offroad at all, will leave you stranded when you encounter an obstacle and use the skinny pedal. So you would at least be looking at swapping out axles to disc brake axles with the fine spline inner axles. MT rollcage, check body mounts(Trust me), replace worn steering components, and even the little things like 3 point seat belts. Basically everything needs to be inspected with a fine tooth comb.

I am not saying dont buy it, I love my ole cruiser, but I love wrenching and learning my truck, and I look forward to eventually driving it once it is road worthy!:D:rolleyes:

If you want something turnkey straight away, go late 70's early 80's
Damn this thread is depressing ;) I hear the cha-ching every time someone mentions a new part!

1.family cage from metaltech($400)? $750 (inc shipping) $500 to weld it together.

2.Locked front? $300 for the locker.

3.disk brakes? $100-$300 for disc front axle, $100 rebuild kit, Might as well do rears while you're at it. $300 more

4.rear bench seat(junkyard) $50-$100

Other items I would like to address but not necessary

1. lift $650 for Hell Creek inc shipping. This will lead to bigger tires so add about another $1,000.

2.drivetrain(currently inline6) Why change?

3.winch $500-$1,500. Then you'll need a bumper to hold it. So add another $200-$400

4.sliders $300

5.paint and body $2,000-$7,000

6. You'll want a soft top for it too $600 -$1,200.

So conservatively about $9K for upgrades and $4,500 for the truck, $13,500 total

I think you'll blow your $7K budget pretty fast. Who ever said to double it was right on.

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