6306-32R-2NSL or RW114R--- BEARING $25 U.S.

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Dec 25, 2005
United States
I was able to come up with a good suppleir for the RW114R or 6306-32R-2NSL (like the standard 6306 except with a 32mm center) bearing used in Transfer Case.

So I'm going to pass the savings onto you guys for 25 U.S. dollars a peice. However, i do not have a lot of them, so get your order in first. Shipping will be 5-7 bucks for people in the U.S., I can check for shipping to Canada.

Just give me an email at TeamPBRacing@hotmail.com Please tell me you saw this ad here, so i don't get the snowmobile and Land Cruisers messed up because of the seals.

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