For Sale 63 FJ40 parts Corregated Top, barn doors

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Mar 6, 2012
United States
I have these parts to offer, the parts listed are the only items I have for sale. You can email me at or call/txt 2542236297 will sell the whole thing if someone wants it. I started to replace the rear sill and rocker panels but have not finished Split Hood-excellent condition Corrugated Hard top for high post-no liner frame-titled and cleaned and coated 305 SBC 4 speed Muncie 3 speed TC OEM radiator-great condition Doors winged windows- real good condition missing 1 winged window barn doors, surface rust only heavy duty tire carrier-surface rust only heater for front-good wiper motors-not sure if they work speedo- needs a lot of love
PM sent on bezel
Prices or the thread gets deleted.
Prices, First time selling was going on best offers

Frame with 305, 4spd munci, 3spd TC= 1000.00 obo Hard Top= 950 obo! Barn Doors= 200.00 obo Tire Carrier= 100.00 obo Driver/ PassengerDoor= 300 each obo wiper motors= 50.00 each obo Bib w/bezel 150.00 obo Speedo cluster= 100.00 obo whole FJ=2000.00 obo Heater=100.00 obo These prices are just a starting point. please make an offer.
Corregated Hard Top

Yes I received the email and sent a reply. I will let the hard top go for 500.00 if anyone is interested! Plus I have 2 real good doors, both with wing windows 500 for both obo. And a real good set of barn doors with a license plate holder and the heavy duty tire carrier! I will start at 200 for those 3 items.
wiper motorII

I would like to get one of your wiper motors
Email sent- bib/bezel as well as the split hood.


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