62 wiring problem

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Nov 16, 2009
After the body shop did their thing, I now have no dash lights, rear running lights, or rear tailgate power lock. The lights work but immediately blow a fuse (they're on the same circuit apparently.)

Mechanic can't find the short so he proposes running a new wire from the headlights to the rear lights so they'll come on together. As for the dash lights, he can't figure out where that wire is.

Any ideas on how to run a new separate wire from power to the dash lights and which wire(s) are for the various dash lights??

Thanks as always.
The door locks and those lights have different fuses. Without knowing where the short is, are you going to run a new wire to every instrument light? I don't know there is an easy way to do that.

Do you have a trailer socket? It would be located near where a trailer hitch would be, I think. I would start there especially if panels replaced were rear rockers.


Ah, yes, there is a trailer harness. We'll check that. And, yes, the rear quarter panels and upper tailgate were replaced. (Which may be why the power tailgate lock doesn;t work now either.)

I think the notion re the dash was that hopefully there was a single harness plug, etc. for the entire console. Wiring each light is a non-starter.

Thank you for the diagram. Will keep you posted.
99% of the time with the tailgate lock it is simply unplugged from my experience

for everything else, it's 2022, not 1982, if your shop suggests running new wires because they can't find a simple short on an otherwise original vehicle that worked before, it's time to FIND A NEW SHOP. That hackjob approach is so yesterday.

1st thing is to go back the body shop and have whoever put it together retrace their steps. The cause will probably be obvious.

I do harness repair work if a section got severed, we completely unloom the section and repin terminal housings with fresh wire with proper color/stripe to repair broken ones. That is a lot different then just running a new wire from scratch.
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Welding? Did they maybe not disconnect the battery and pop a relay or two or something else while welding for bodywork?
This seems obvious, but investigate any areas near where they welded for melted wiring. The LR quarter panel around the taillight (pull the taillight housing and peer in there) has a lot of wiring.

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