62 t-case in a 60?

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Aug 5, 2010
I've been doing some reading in the FAQ, and I've been considering swapping a 88-90 transfer case into my 60. Ever since I went to 33" tires the on-road (and particularly highway cruising) characteristics of my truck are great. I can cruise at 70mph without revving the snot out of my old 2F, I get good mpg (14.7 actual), and the truck pokes around town just great.

Of course, the off-road characteristics of 33's and 3.70 gears leaves quite a lot to be desired. I considered swapping to 4:11 gears, but I would lose the highway characteristics I've grown to love. It's still an option though. Another thought I had was to swap a fj62 t-case with 2.28 low range into my truck. According to the gearing calculator on grimmjeeper.com, 2.28 low range and 3.70 r&p gears would yield a better crawl ratio than 1.95 low range and 4:11 gears.

Has anyone done this swap? I know I would want to convert the vacuum system to a manual shift, but aside from that, are these cases interchangeable? Any other problems I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance :)
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Both the 60 and 62 transfer cases have the same low range.
Almost the same but not quite, a 62 is 2.29 and a us market 60 (yours) is a 2.27. Even the 83 split case on my bench right now has 2.27's. The only rigs that got the 1.95 as far as I know was some diesels and aussie rigs according to a brochure I got from Toyota Australia. You might take a look at this The Wagon Way If someone has info concerning just what other rigs got the 1.95 low I would like to know so I can add it to our site.

Another source for tech info is Cruiseroutfitters. He has some great tech info that lists the gears of pretty much all the split cases. Including tooth counts on the gears.

No real reason to swap for a 62 case unless your case is toast. And depending on the manufacture date of your tcase it probably has the 38mm idler. But along the same lines a manual control swap is simple and you just have to use parts from your 85 tcase. You will find a write up on our website as this is what I put behind my 3B/H55.

Other options include an H41, and H55 or the new advance gears with the 4.0 low.

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Oh, ok. I must have misunderstood the thread in the FAQ. The AA gears are too pricey, I'll just continue scratching my head on this subject.:bang:

A used H41 (with the 4.95:1 first gear, vs. the 3.55:1 in your stock H42) would definitely be a reasonable way to get better low range.

SOR, which is known for somewhat high prices, has them for $800ish, so you could probably find one elsewhere for a fair bit less. Either way, it's waaay less than $1999 for the AA low-range gears, or the $2200+ for an H55.
The great thing about the H41 is that you get a 25% reduction in your crawl ratio for a reasonable amount of money. If thats what you are looking for its the cheap way to go. Doesn't have as good of road manners as the H42 but it is a good option.

will a spilt t-case bolt up to an h41?????????????

Yes. If it's a non spacer H41 you can directly bolt on a early tcase 80-82 or a later tcase if you have the spacer that accounts for the difference in the bearing configuration of the two styles of tranny's. The spacer was installed in 83-84 tcases before the spacer style tranny's came out in 85

Check this write up to see the spacer I am talking about The Wagon Way

The other half of The Wagon Way is running an H41 bolted to the tcase out of my 82 BJ60

Aside from the larger splits between the gear ratios, is there anything else about the H41 that makes it a pain in the butt?
Ratio is lower with the 62 case, 2.2956 versus 2.2764 :D

Split T-case tech, gear ratio's, etc:
Cruiser Outfitters

Its got the vacuum to manual shift stuff covered however as noted its not all that beneficial of a swap given the almost identical ratios.
OK, so forget that idea.

Who here has personal experience with the H41 transmission?
will a spilt t-case bolt up to an h41?????????????

There is a earlier H41 with a 16 spline tailshaft instead of the 19 spline tailshaft needed for a split transfer case. The tailshaft from your H42 should work in the earlier H41 but you just about have to rebuild the whole transmission to change it.
As mentioned by Living in the Past there are some versions that won't fit (wrong splines) but the correct ones are available. Just make sure you get the split case version.

If you know anyone with a 5 speed, take it for a drive and don't use fifth gear and that's exactly how an H41 will drive. The ratios are the same as the H55 just no 5th gear. And like I said before an H41 doesn't have the road manners of an H42. But off road you will love first gear.


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