62 Starting issues!! need advice!

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Mar 19, 2009
So i bought my 62 and it started right away first crank, after about 2 months or so of driving, when i would try starting it, it would take a few cranks before it actually started, but it was still turning over, and starting so I thought my battery lost a few amperage over the winter

Now my starter won't even turn over all i get is a click. i've tried arcing my starter celluloid but couldn't even get a spark. Tried jumping it.

I've noticed that with my key in the on position i could pull my key out which obviously does not seem normal. Could this be an Ignition issue or is this just a starter or celluloid issue. any ideas will help!

What's the battery voltage? Condition of related wires and connections? Do you have power to your accessories, and just get a click from the starter, or is the whole truck dead?
i have power, my radio works, lights, clock, ect, just wont turn over.
i have power, my radio works, lights, clock, ect, just wont turn over.

Well, unless the cables and/or connections are bad, then I say it's time to rebuild the starter. Search the FAQ's for the procedure and part #'s. It's a great project for a cruiser newb.
Oh BTW, it's s o l e n o i d. ;)

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