62 series or 3FE power steering pump rebuild diagram?

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Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
I need a diagram and/or rebuild instructions for a 62 series or 3FE power steering pump.

I cracked open a spare that I had to rebuild and it is way different than the 40/60 series PS pumps.

After 6 pages of search in this forum I gave up trying to find a thread on rebuilding the 62/3FE PS pump. I hope this means that this different pump design is more robust than the 60 series PS pump.

Can anyone help a brother out?

I am putting a 3FE into a 55 and will use 60 series PS and the pump monthed on the 3FE.

The Body & Chassis manual for 1984 -1990 covers two different types of pumps. The manual can be downloaded from here: Master Portal - forums.bauchan.org/Toyota Workshop & Repair Manuals. From the parts microfiche, it looks like its the first one in the manual (the one that isn't listed as "for usa") is for the FJ62.
power steering pump 01.JPG
power steering pump 02.JPG
In this diagram I am trying to figure out where the rubber gasket goes on the screw. The 14mm screw on the front of the pump that attaches the reservoir. I installed a new powering steering pump and the pump is still leaking - from the front of the screw, didn’t installed the tub gasket.
From one of my earlier posts:

"FJ60 power steering pump rebuilds apparently don't hold up - Toyota used a non-replaceable bushing, not a bearing, on the shaft. FJ62 pumps can be rebuilt, just did mine last year. There's a thread here on MUD with details, including how to source the bearing, I used the Suzuki motorcycle bearing (K9204-51292). The AutoZone kit I used (8760) was good quality. And you'll need a Toyota snap ring (90520-15005). So if you have an FJ62 you're in luck."

And from @cruiserbrett:

I highly recommend you download the entire Factory Service Manual set.Very informative and useful for what you are about to embark on.
I so hope @NLXTACY or @orangefj45 end up developing a Saginaw conversion kit for the 3FE. My factory PS pump is still in fine shape and not making any noise, but for peace of mind if there was a conversion readily available I'd go ahead and do it just to have it taken care of.

(dropping subtle hints here lol)
Question for the "for USA" version which apparently I have on a 1983 BJ42: slipper isn't symmetrical. Does it matter which direction I put it back in?

One side has a notch in it.
Day later I can answer this myself. After reviewing FSM and inspecting wear on the sides of the block I am certain that's the correct way to put it back together.


I managed to NOT lose any of the 24 springs which is a bonus. Fitment to the truck tomorrow but the wear pattern tells me it was this way before, an it was pumping just fine, so i am expecting no issues.

I didn't replace the bushes,.but my Toyota OEM rebuilt kit had the oil seal and bunch of o-rings so fingers crossed.
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