62 New exhaust and O2 sensors

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Sep 24, 2007
Calico Rock, Arkansas USA
Well I finally got my new 02 sensors installed along with the new pipes and muffler...

It's a really slick configuration now, eliminating the section of pipe under the front sping and just running dual 2 inch pipes down next to each other, no cats, then the 2 pipes into one muffler. It's a straight shot all the way, with the only bends going over the rear diff and out the drivers side rear. My seat of the pants tells me that low end as well as high end is greatly improved but with a surprising nose-dive in the mid range power band. The truck has been missing slightly and I hope that my new cap-rotor-plugs-wires will iron that out when I slap em on Friday. It's strange but it seems like the new 02 sensors helped to correct idle speed, richness, seems to have helped the mileage but the miss became more pronounced after installaion of the sytem. Almost like after the leaks were plugged in the exhaust system and the accurate signal from the new 02 sensors is making the engine run..I dont know..More true? Like the problems are more pronounced as well as the improvements.
I'll post again after the tune up and see if that cures my missing and flat dead midrange, I may need to adjust valves and time her.
All in all Id say that nobody needs to suffer with a pipe running under a leaf spring. There is room for 2 pipes all the way out to the muffler and it looks and flows sweet.
Once you get the cap and plug installed, disconnect the battery, and this will reset the ECU. Then the ECU will "learn" how the truck is running with all the new parts and 02 sensors.

This should help..
When I had my exhaust done, I noticed a similar thing. My truck used to "come alive" at 2400 and die off above 2800 or 3000, after a new muffler with a dual inlet the powerband leveled out, and I discovered top end that wasn't there before.

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