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Apr 11, 2007

I have been lurking on this forum for months and have yet to say hi. Hello to all and thanks for all the great info. I have learned a bunch here. A little background... We have recently picked up a nice 1990 62 from California and it is now at its new home in Atlanta. We are doing some maint and upgrades as it is my wifes daily kid toter. At the moment I am wanting to upgrade the exhaust and have been looking at the Man A Fre system but I would prefer to loose the outboard cat. (Need to retain cats in Atlanta.) Several people have mentioned the 2 inlet and 1 outlet cat that is mounted inside the frame rails and how slick that setup is. It would be much cleaner of an install but I would like to see pics of the setup from some of you guys. The exhaust shop I spoke with was concerned about o2 sensor placement as well as where the cat would fit without getting too close to the tranny and t case. If anyone has pics we would love to see them so we have more info to work with. I am open to anyones suggestions as well. Thanks in advance.
I did that exact same thing. You place the O2 sensor the same distance away from the manifold in the down pipes and you should not have any problems. I dont have any pics but I definitely recommend this solution, and it will be cheaper than the manafre system. just go to a local muffler shop, that will let you bring in your own O2 sensors and Cat. I got mine online and took them to the shop. the overall cost was around $350. if i get a chance maybe I will get some pics this week.

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