62 alt. into a 60?

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Oct 18, 2004
West Georgia
first of all i have searched and read quite a bit and can't find a definitive answer about this, so forum nazi's i appologize in advance for not being able to answer my own question ;)

i have read about people taking a 3fe alt. bracket and mounting it where the smog pump was formally located, then putting a second 2F alt there and wiring them paralle to each other. if you can do that then could you instead just mount a 3FE alt. into the stock 2F alt's bracket? from what i understand the 3fe one is a 80 amp unit which would be plenty for my needs. how much difference is there in the wiring between the two? i guess the 3fe one is also internally regulated, could you bypass the external fj60 regulator very easily?
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I've been wondering the same thing...hoping somebody has some insight on this question!

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