62 1985 FJ Owner - Issues

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May 21, 2011
Hi all, this is my first time here, and I have been searching around for awhile in the hope to fix some issues that I have come across..

First off, a little back info.
The car was originally my grandfathers, and he is very ill and has memory issues, so I may as well brought it from a dealer with no previous knowledge of it. Anyway, I'm in the process of getting it fully roadworthy, so that i can change it over into my name, have spent quite a sum on it recently, but its a labor of love, as a inherited car.

It is basically ready for the test to change it over, will be taking it to get the test done next week, hopefully it goes well, otherwise i will end up chucking more issues in here :)

My main problem at the moment, that wont affect the RWC check/test is that after a period of driving with high beams on, they just drop out completely... This kills all lights, making for some interesting switch fiddling and stopping in a hurry. It seems to happen seemingly randomly, but after 15-20 minutes of solid high beam, bamn, no lights. They return after a few seconds, but its a adrelinin high that i would like to avoid if possible. If we travel at night with low beam only, then there is no issues.

A second, minor issue is the fact that the horn refuses to work except at a certain steering wheel angle.

Now, from what I have been reading would these two items be related to what is mentioned here https://forum.ih8mud.com/60-series-wagons/423985-headlight-troubleshooting-thread.html ?
Otherwise I would like to know where exactly the headlight relay is located as this is my other suspect as well... Its not in the engine bay, and I have looked at all 6 relays that i could find under the drivers side dash, none of them seem to be a actual headlight relay.

Thanks for reading, I'm a Aussie so keep that in mind that this 62 is a right hand drive.
If your low beams don't have the problem, then it isn't the headlight relay. The headlight relay is for high and low beams. The problem is most likely the combination switch in the steering column. The ground path for both the low beams and the high beams goes through the combination switch. The switch gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Go to the Headlight Troubleshooting Thread again and click on the links for fixing the High Beams.

Here is a recent thread for fixing your horn:


Both of these problems are very common. Hope you get your Granddad's rig back in operation. Share some pics.
Thank you for your reply. Looks like i'll have to get the pin and ring, and whilst im putting that in to go just a little deeper and clean the contacts and area there for the high beams. 2 in one hit, will be awesome to have both back working properly.

It is currently in spotty primer, as in I have taken the small rust spots out and fixed where it used to have a roof rack that caused a rust area, will see what I can do to get some pics up when I can.
Couple of pics for your viewing pleasure:

Before doing this last lot of work on it:

The black mesh on the front is to protect the radiator from the locust plague we had here.

Gone for a drive up the mountain

Had a quick wash after getting back that day (hit a small animal on way back)

After starting to do this last lot of work - rust removal

From the front

Probably the worst affected - the roof - the grey is secondary primer.

Couldn't get the horn working today, need to wait till tomorrow till the dealership is open and then will most likely have to order it in from there.

Am currently attacking it with cut and polish in various areas (around the primer) have done 98% of the bonnet and both front side panels, looks a heap better where I have managed to do it, did a part of the bullbar today, its going to come up interestedly.

Stuff done since I've had it:
New replacement headlights (old ones were impossible to source bulbs for - they were aftermarket lights already) Now with 55/100w H4 bulbs (stock for the lights).
Brakes all round - machined drums and replaced pads and shoes.
New tires.
Exhaust manifold gaskets - all 3.
Gas (LPG) conversion.
Rust removal.
New seat covers fronts
New Stereo.
New UHF radio.

What I'd like to do:
UHF working properly (at times it just cuts out, probably needs re-grounding)
Seat cover back (have, needs putting on)
Back to top coat - have topcoat matched paint, just need to do it
Full vacuum + clean
Finish cut + polish
Dual batteries - has has in past, not sure whats going on with that
Horn + lights fixed
Getting ideas currently for other things

Older mods:
Dual batteries
Mid shelf + cargo barrier (removed)
Roof rack (removed, I have it, but it needs TLC and has caused most of the damage to the roof)
Modified petrol tank - size so that the gas fits underneath
Spare wheel on drivers side back wall.

That's all i can think of at the moment.
Gee a edit button would be nice at times!

Got the Horn pin/plate today, thanks to you guys locating the part number was straight forward and easily found. The local dealer even had it in stock! Its booked in for a RoadWorthy Check (RWC) tomorrow, so wont have time to do that before it, hopefully it will pass and I may be able to relax a little, get the horn and lights fixed up on Wednesday perhaps.

Thought of another pre-existing mod that was on the car, what you guys call sliders - I'd call a step :)

Something else I'd like to do - Powdercoat or polish the rims and re-paint the round centers;
Re-carpet the rear and possibly the rest of the 4wd at the same time.
Under the steering column there is a flat connector in two pieces that gave me a lot of trouble. Maybe you can check this. Just move the connector around a little and see if the lights go on and off. If this is the case, it's an easy repair :)
Will keep a eye out for that, thanks!


It Passed its RWC! so awesome, I can now put it into my name officially!! :bounce2: :bounce: :bounce2: :bounce:

Been looking at TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 60,61,62 SERIES (1980-1990) WAGON to possibly replace the carpets at some point, or would it be cheaper to do it myself?

Issues that need attention:

Left hand side front axle is leaking on the swivel/knuckle - need to do 2 seals from what i've been told? Big job :hmm: Would this fix it parts wise? :confused: Front Axle Seal Kit Toyota 40 60 Hilux Land Cruiser FAS | eBay or Swivel re-seal Kit Landcruiser to 1990 HJ47 HJ60 | eBay

Rear sway bars? (guessing at names here) :confused: They need the rubber replacing down low.

There is a oil leak at the back of the trans (auto) this looks like a large job as well. :bang:

Rear washer doesn't work - that should be a simple fix, need to trace the tube back and see if its blocked up, as i think it may be, as i have seen water come out of there at some point!

I think I need to stop looking at other builds, getting too many ideas of what i'd love to do, but financially cant afford to do to it :hmm:
Wow, how time flies. I picked up 6 months work and its been my DD over this time, been flat out and no time to be playing around with things. Its been very good to me over the time, working well.

I recently decided to have a little incident, dropped a smoke down in front of the steering wheel, and to get it out i had to take the cover off the steering wheel... well needless to say, whist i had this off i thought, hrm, i wonder how hard the steering wheel would be to take off.... I undid the nut part way and gave a little tug and it came off in my hands!

Decided there and then, i better get to and do the horn and have a look at the lights, well the horn was so worn down there was basically no touching happening there, so i put the new pin in and omg it works so easily now... :cheers:

I also had a bit of a clean up of the contacts for the lights, I took it for a drive yesterday and had no high beam drop out over 100km... such a easy fix for someone who doesnt know too much about cars :D

Thanks to you guys, I have much less issues now! :cheers:

now back to lurking and reading threads :popcorn: getting ideas as to what else i want to do to it when i have both time & money :bang:

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