60s Cargo area to open bed mod.

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Jul 15, 2003
has anybody seen one done ??? Ive seen pics of a 55 with the roof and windows cut out behind the second seat and it got me thinking about trying it on a 60. IMO it would make a 60 the ULTIMATE hunting rig! sliding glass window, rough metal work to cover rough edges and spray in a liner.......
I've got some pics of what, I called the FJ65 (nice work, too). Hmmmm...let's see if I can post it...if not, go to slowspeed.com, they have some pics of it in their photo gallery.

Cardinal 87 FJ60
Yes I have some pics of a VERY VERY well done 62 to pickup conversion. Very cool looking. I'll find those pics and post them when I get home.
wow that one on slowspeed is a long bed and looks extremely well done. i would like to keep the rear seat however....for the dog to ride on....mine will be a short bed no longer than the existing cargo area.
You mean, THIS piggie? Its mine :D

Seriously though if you do it, do it RIGHT. I've seen a few pix of 55's done up this way and some look good and some don't. Mine is OK but the original owner who did it (happened to meet him once) had some "body shop" (crack smoking idiots) do the conversion and it looks good from a distance, but there is plywood and very thin tin involved, and the window section is out of a full size chevy cab.

In other words, its a piece of poop in that area. I am looking forward to re-doing it eventually, and making it look GOOD.

Yours is nice but its not the one I saw on some page for sale.......I cant recall where I saw it but it was in cali and was black.

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