600x300x76mm diesel intercooler

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Jun 3, 2012
Hey all

Am considering putting a front mount intercooler on my 80. I like the safari unit, but want to get the most cooling running one of greames turbos.
I've read of a few people buying eBay bar and plate intercoolers 600x300x76mm and doing some custom pipe work.
A few questions, 3" or 2.5" inlet/outlets?
Also I measured up a safari core and it's only a bit smaller, is there any gain iin something a little larger, I plan on 20-22psi of boost?
I hear people doing eBay intercoolers of about $500, 1/3 of the price of a safari kit, but the safari does come with alot of nice cast elbows with mounting points....

If anyone has a custom intercooler could you throw some pics up? Specifically how the intercooler sits between the lights, pipe work either through the frame or following the chassis rails mounting points etc that would be great. I have had a hard time finding any pictures of these custom intercoolers, seems a few people have done em but I either can't find the info or it's not there?...

Cheers Toby

I too would like to see this. May be better off posting in the diesel section tho
Getting rid of top mount and will get same front mount off ebay for my 80, the hardest part will be the plumbing as i have twin battery setup.
Also getting a bad boy turbo, Im sure ive seen that exact ebay front mount install here on mud somewhere, been searching the last two days with no luck

Seriously, no one has done this?

Seriously, no one has done this?

There is a couple threads about front mount IC's in the diesel section.

The majority of folks in the 80's section live in the states. Being that the US never got diesel 80 series there is not as much coverage with front mount IC's or the ins and outs of turbo diesels in this section.

Go to the diesel section to search for that as there is a bit more info archived there, this thread could or should probably be moved there actually.

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