60 With issues.

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May 11, 2019
Hi there,
First post on here as i plan on buying a 60. Just looking to get some insight to the issues below! thanks

I went and looked at a 60 with a few issues. The car had to be jump started as the start motor apparently was dead.
The first being that it seems it has a leaky injector pump at the seals, as it is leaking a decent amount of Diesel. (Video Below)
the second is the amount of oil that i haveve noticed next to the manifold as its had an aftermarket turbo fitted.
and thirdly this noise that occurred when the car was attempted to be started, taking battery off and back on again fixed it but assuming it can happen again. (Video)

There’s a diesel section here which probably has better answers... that said

Video 1 - looks like a leaking injection valve. These have a seal that can be replaced. Get a manual and some beer.

Video 2 - I just hear two guys talking and no weird noise.

Photo 3 - I’d say for a diesel, that block is pretty clean. Some oil loss isn’t a huge issue as long as you remember to check and adjust the level regularly.
hey matey!...i had a leak there as well.
this is a post that helped me and there is a link at the bottom of it that explains how to tighten them up.
The problem could be more than just tighten them,but try that first.


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