60 Wanted in CA, AZ, NV

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United States

I am in the Los Angeles area looking to buy my first LC. I test drove a 60 and 62, and I gotta go with the stick.

Anyone in this part of the USA got a 60 for sale. Looking for one with minimum rust to be used as a DD.

Sell a 1884 FJ60 cruiser in Florida:flamingo:. But might move into other states soon:banana:. 223000m, still runs like new:), only two fixable problems: some rust on back mudguards, AC presently not working, otherwise fine. Has passed emissions recently in Denver, CO. Ask for 2300.- comes with roof, tow, CD/stereo.

can send pics. mail to Hberghammer@gmx.at
well - i had some relaxing days and fixed the rust spots on my cruiser - see above reply. will lenghten life span for years!

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