60 series rock sliders- Post your Pic's!

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Mar 30, 2008
South Africa- JHB
i Did search but could find a thread.
Guy, post pictures of your rock sliders. from above and below.
want to see different ideas.
PS, i would post if i had sliders. :)
Look on the home page right side " armour "
Customs welded to frame. Nicely tucked and out of the way till you need them.
Here are my sliders the day I finished them and slapped them on! They look a little more used now :D
roswell 016.jpg
roswell 021.jpg
roswell 019.jpg
These are weld on. I built these for a customer. The mesh on the kick out is so his two young boys do not slip through.


On iPhone but when I log on I'll post pics of my SROR bolt ons which I've had for 3 years and love them.
The underneath of that front bar looks interesting Esh, what was the thinking there?
The underneath of that front bar looks interesting Esh, what was the thinking there?

I have to agree. It almost looks like you could fold it down into a bike rack or table or something...? Nice sliders.
I wanted something different at the time, so I copied a bar that shows up a lot on South American 60s.

Next one will be like a MetalTech faskmask style bumper to save weight.

Sliders doing what they were designed to do.

Kept it simple with Trail Gear sliders, they are great qualilty for the price. Bolted mine on which makes repairs easier. Don't forget the quarter guards as they are just as important on a wagon as the sliders.

Firebreak Five Tillamook.jpg
Big rock 1.jpg
Qtr Guards 3.jpg
I have TG sliders on Fiona and some home brew on Patches where the rocker was cut out replaced with square stock and to that is some tube.
T bones, I am in love with your 60!

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