60 series parts for BJ40 1977

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Oct 27, 2017
G'day all,

With limited mechanical knowledge,my apologies in advance if my queries come across as somewhat dumb!! I am highly motivated to do the conversions mentioned below and get my hands dirty and broken nails etc but the hard part is the limited parts and mechanical knowledge and need for parts for my
BJ40 1977
ENGINE B 2977CC/181.6cu (CHANGED ENGINE TO 3B)3.4lt engine
FRAME (VIN???)# BJ40-036295
I am aware that many parts from 60 series will suit the conversions I would like done, conversions desired being front and maybe rear disc brakes and power steering. I am wondering if there are other parts from the 60 series that may be useable as considering a full vehicle purchase to rat the parts from?? I have done a google search to see if anyone has done a list of sorts but failed to find anything...I am also wondering if it makes any difference if I purchase a petrol or diesel 60 series or if there is a preferred year etc??
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