60 series OME springs under a Troopy?

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Sep 13, 2007
Hi All

I asked this Q in the 45 section, but got no reply, so here goes in the 40 section:

(Btw I have searched, but found no-one who have done it)

Well the title says it all; I'm contemplating putting a set of OME's from my 60 under the 45.

The reason is that my 60 project is officially grounded, which leaves me with a complete set of OME springs, shackles, etc. which - if I sold it, to fund a set of OME for the 45, would leave me in red numbers.

So I thought about putting the 60 springs on the Troopy, front should be fine, except bushing size, which should be solvable by either using custom bushings, or get a set of late model hangers and take out the rivets and bolt them on. Inputs on this will be appriciated!

However the rear is an issue; the 60 springs are 105mm shorter according to faq TLC FAQ - 4.2 Specifications

I have searched, but haven't found anything! Has anyone done it? And how?

All help will be appriciated!
Just my opinion here, but I think you would end up spending more on custom hangers/bushings to put the 60 springs under there than the difference in selling the springs towards a set of troopy springs. Again, just my opinion....
I can see your point, however I have new bushings for the 60 series OME, unfortunately my HJ45 is just pre 8/'80, so it has the small Ø hangers/perches. If I could find a set hangers/perches with large Ø holes it could be done...

10 years ago I paid the equivalent of $3,000 for the complete OME, I might be able to sell it for $1,000 now... And I suspect the one for the HJ45 would cost just as much as the old one did...

Another thing is that I really liked how the 60 series OME rode, that's another one on trhe plus side...
Another question is can you do the fab work yourself or are you going to have to pay someone. That is also going to cost you some money. If it were me I would take the hit and but the correct springs.
Fab work isn't a problem, I've done my share of it, you can look at the (unfortunately) now stopped Juggernaut project in my sig line, the question is; is it a good idea, or is it patch-work solution?
Drilling out the old hangers and putting on newer ones I can do, getting the newer ones is a bigger problem!

the truck already runs HJ60 engine and gearbox, will soon be upgraded with BJ73 axles and eventually get the 12H-T engine I've got lying around...

But will it give me a better ride? I drive 99.5% on road right now...
Another thing to consider is the arch of the springs. Will you get enough lift front and rear? Will the springs be too soft or too hard.
Check with Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters; I think he is a big proponent of this swap.

Will you be able to salvage the hangers from a 60? If so, it should be a pretty straight-forward exchange of parts once you figure out where the hangers go.

The installation of 60 rear springs is a fairly common swap on 40's that is reported to give much better articulation because of the longer spring. They also gives you the potential for stretching your wheelbase (if you're willing to mess with having your drive shaft re-tubed).

Of course, plan on doing a write-up if you do this!

I have PM'ed Kurt and asked him about his opinion.

It would be a shame to strip the hangers off of the 60 frame; it's completely rust-free , galvanized and painted. So I hope to sell it off.

I don't plan on changing the wheel base, the 45 is long enough, however I have changed the drive shaft lengths already, I had to when putting the H55 in it.

If I end up doing it, I will do a write-up, since there's no write-up to be found!
The 60 Series front springs (CS003F/4F/5F) springs can and could make a decent swap option for the front but I personally don't know that even the CS005R Heavy-Plus rear 60 springs would be as beefy as the standard CS003R 45/47 Series springs and I've not tried nor heard of that swap. The 60 springs on a 40 Series are one thing, particularly when your already moving perches for wheelbase changes or a shackle reversal... however just to use the springs you have? I'd likely recommend cutting your losses and getting a spring that is not only bolt-on but won't leave you with a customer setup with no notable gains.
Thanks Kurt

It sounds like the general consensus is that I should bit the bullit and sell the 60 frame with springs etc. and get the right set-up...
It might even be an idea to buy them from you Kurt.

One question in that regard: are the 25mm bushings ok, or should I look in to getting the hangers/perches that use the 35mm? Is it worth the hassle?
I just got my 45 springs off Kurt along with a bunch of other stuff. He it definitely the guy to deal with.

How come you don't build the 60 too?
Well life changes, I got married last year, our firstborn is due in about two months, we bought an old house, in desperate need of extensive rebuild, we have a 6X6 camper project + a BJ42 and the HJ45.

So if the day had 72 hours in it I would be able to squeeze a few hours in each month - but it doesn't!

So I think it's appropriate to focus on fewer projects and aknowlegde what can be done and what can't in the foreseeable future...

I'd love to complete it, but it wouldn't even fit my needs anymore...
You can see the build thread here:
Christian, trust me, If you think you don't have enough "cruisertime" now, just wait 2 months, then it will be worse ;)
My BJ42 should have been ready to Gavnø but I have just put the axels back on yesterday.:eek:
That's what I'm expecting... do you need some parts for your HJ61? :)
Naa I am good on parts for the Hj61 right now. Focusing on the BJ42 even though I must admit the galvanized frame would be nice to have. But the body of the 61 are rotting away faster than I can weld it together so I have made an investment stop for now;)
I understand what you mean... I will post up the parts on DBA eventually... And focus on the 40 series which is what both me and my wife are driving.

I would like a HJ61 with rear seats though... Someday...
ummm the rear 60 series springs won't even be close to long enough for the rear of a troopy.
...One question in that regard: are the 25mm bushings ok, or should I look in to getting the hangers/perches that use the 35mm? Is it worth the hassle?

While the 25mm bushing do look pretty substandard when sitting next to the 35mm bushing... you really don't see any increased wear issues with the 25 in fact the only reason I would go with the 35 is so that you get the larger corresponding shackles and spring pins (18mm pin versus 15mm). Again though, this would require some more fabbing and hacking on your frame and I don't think the effort is worth the gains.

ummm the rear 60 series springs won't even be close to long enough for the rear of a troopy.

Precisely why we need to talk him out of it :D Fwiw, he was willing to cut the mounts off the 60 frame and graft them into the correct locations on the troopy.
Thanks again!

I now they're not long enough, I contemplated relocating the rear hangers, the erar of the frame is flat, it could be done HOWEVER you have talked me out of it! :D

Thanks for info on the bushing sizes, I expect it is even less of an issue on a truck that sees virtually no real off-road driving.

All in all it's all for the best, I don't have to cut, weld or drill in my galvanized frame, thus no compromizing the zinck.

But it means I have to get a set for it... must sell parts!

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