60 series long range fuel tank-the search-

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Feb 27, 2002
Looking for first hand info, comments, etc. on 40 gal. plus tanks and who has the best price. So far I've found that Aerotanks in Corona, CA has a 40 gal. replacement, price unknown (retooling until Jan 6th I was told by their answering service), also Long Range (imported by MAF) has a 40 gal. replacement priced $400 or so and last but not least, Opposite Lock (imported by SOR) has a 50 gal. replacement and a 20 gal. auxiliary, priced ~$800 and $??.00 for the other :eek:.
For those prises I would think that you could get one custom made by a local who new what they where doing. Just a thought, but if you could find one it would give you more options on tank placement.
check local radiator shops, boat shops, and antique car shops for custom tanks.
A thread started awhile ago on the long range tanks lead me to price out a custom built unit. I found a guy who would build me a stainless tank for less money than the opposite lock tanks including the two saddle tanks. The tank including all tig welding would cost me 580.00, all stainless.
After working in a ship building company for a few years and watching the fabricators build oil tanks, I realized there was far less if any leaks with the tig. The wire feed left lots of purosity and they leak tested and repaired almost every tank.
I have the Long Ranger tank from MAF. It's great and it's one of my favorite mods. I can temporarily pretend to get good gas mileage and actually drive past a gas station without stopping. ;)

It's holding up very well after five years. Install is a simple bolt in and the factory guage works perfectly throughout the entire range using the supplied extension in the tank. Comes with all the hoses for the vents and emissions.

My only gripe was that it is a 150 Litre tank which isn't 40 gallons. The most I have put in is 38 gallons. A minor point, but it bugged me that MAF continued to advertise as a 42 gallon tank after I called them and wrote a letter.

You may want to upgrade your suspension if you haven't already, you'll be a heavy tanker when it's full.

Looks great.
I was thinkin along the same design with the drain up towards the axle out of harms way. We were also thinkin of having the tank angle down toward the rear axle, this would give us a few more gallons and not get in the way. Also if the side auxillery tanks were added up between the frame and body, would it be best to have a seperate valve or just have them set a little higher than the main and gravity feed. All three tanks would empty at the same rate. Only bad thing is there is no back up. With that much fuel on board who would need a back up. We figure there should be around 65 gallons of diesel for a cruising range of around 1200 miles. We would normally get around 1400 miles but the truck will be outfitted quite heavily and running 38.7inch tires.
I have the MAF 40 gallon tank. I love it. It was an easy bolt in job. It does take 40 gallons when you run it dry.
Now to sell the stock one.

Mike El Paso, TLCA 8009
1985 FJ-60, OME HD, Rare STOUT bumpers,sliders,roof rack, 40 gallon tank and
M-416 trailer.
My trailer http://www.webphotos.com/list_photos.asp?mi=3&smi=1&a=83474
My FJ-60
I finally got through to Aerotanks in Corona, CA and the lady that took the call explained that they dropped all the pn# for Toyota vehicles because of low sales. It seems she pays liability insurance for each gas tank they make, and the ones for 'cruisers weren't selling :(. She said the selling price was $418.00 for the 40 gal. pn#1328. So, like Jim and Mike have already said the LongRange seems to be the tank to get.

Can you give me a website for your 50 gal. tank? I cannot find it.

Thank you
I am also looking a getting a long range tank, one question though. Will I need to get some heavier duty rear springs with all the added weight when it is full?
P.S. I am thinking about making a rear swing out bumper to house spare tire too.
SOR is now importing the Opposite Lock tank? I exchanged e-mail with the Opposite Lock guys las Summer, and they wanted like $900 and shipping from Australia. Ouch.

I have a very good fabricator (he made my trailer) and planned on checking him to see if he would build me a 50 gallon tank from stainless or aluminum. I expect the price to be $400 to $500.

Does anyone have drawings in an e-mailable format? I need a new tank as well (my OEM tank has been patched several times). I'd like to price one out down here in Guatemala but I need something to work from. If I bring my truck in the price will triple because of the gringo driver (me) and the gringo plates!
I really like the idea of an additional tank more than a long-range tank... always prefer to add things vs. replace things, AND I want to switch over to veggie oil, so two tanks has other advantages.

Anyone have pictures/diagram of spare fuel tanks installed in a 60 series? Seems that there is lots of room above/in front of the rear axle, and also along the frame rails.
Mike, what's the price if he makes 2? ;)

Was leaning toward the Opposite Lock biggy, but if something can be made for half the price (and they figure out all the gotchas).... i'm game.
eshelbyk said:
Mike, what's the price if he makes 2? ;)

Was leaning toward the Opposite Lock biggy, but if something can be made for half the price (and they figure out all the gotchas).... i'm game.

Ken, I don't know. If he makes two at once, there has to be some savings, I would think. I will check with him and post if I learn something...


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