60 series knuckle swap

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no, same width. It's the long side axle housing that is longer.
Cool thanks wonder if by looking at it if it's that big of a difference.
Looking at that or six shooters to get the bigger bolt pattern on the knuckles have a 76 axle
I have ram assist on my 60. But no spring over, so I use the stock steering arms. They haven't loosened since 2008.

I think it's more a matter of aftermarket arms than issues with a hydraulic ram assist.
I have both stock knuckles and 60 knuckles someone said swapping them would be a better upgrade easy install to do. I'm just using my 40 on the street and snow but want the stronger steering arms
Consider that you'll have to replace your steering arms or tie rods with the 60 stuff. Unless you have the late 40 big pattern steering arms by chance..

Honestly, for what you describe, I'd leave your stock stuff alone till it becomes an issue.
There a small bolt pattern and I'm putting the gm box on it just waiting to put a motor in it to see if it needs a cut and turn for the soa. Just looking at options for stronger upgrade if it needs it and I will do a high steer on it with the soa
High steer is almost entirely large pattern. Then it'd make sense to upgrade
It's a disc axle already from a 76 just trying to see if there are w weak links to get rid of I'm rebuilding the whole 40 from ground not much will be stock but the frame and body since it's a 64 and parts were hard to find so I've been selling mine and modifying as I go to make a nice 40 that fits what I want to do

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