60 series factory PTO winch pics needed

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May 31, 2008
the NJ word..
Hey all,
Just picked up an entire factory PTO winch set that was supposed to be for a 60 series.
Having trouble where the winch bolts up to the extended bumper.
Any one have pics of the front of a 60 series winch? I'm looking for the strait on shots showing the bolt pattern on the fairlead plate. Any other PTO parts pics would help as well.


Hopefully this is what you are after. You can see the rust line where the fairlead was in the photos where it is off.

Photos are two from the engine side looking forward and one from the front with the fairlead mounted. You can see the winch will mount off centre so that the engagement lever on the left as you look at it has room to move.
View from engine side_resize.jpg
View from engine with fairlead_resize.jpg
View from front_resize.jpg

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