60 series clutch....

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Feb 7, 2003
so this morning i took the wife's 60 for gas(i ran the 40 dry :-[), first time i drove it in awhile. any way it's time for a clutch, like NOW.

so i was just wondering what the boards thoughts are on clutchs.

for the moment it's sitting on 31's but 33's are in the future.with no gearing changes,present or planned(maybe a 5spd whenever).
no to little four wheeling, it's just a good looking grocery getter.

right now i'm looking at ccot clutch kits,most likly the complete kit with the slave and master cly.
and at the same time the transfer case needs rebiult, so a rebiuld kit from ccot is looking good as well.

so any thoughts on my parts plan?
Centerforce? Never heard a bad thing about them. Maybe they're overkill for a grocery-getting 60 :G
You might want to consider another OEM clutch. Look how far the original got you. They seem to last long and have fewer problems. Especially, on the late model 60s with the self adjusting slave.

Replacing Slave and master clynders sounds like good PM too.
the truck has 205,XXX and i've had it less than a yr, and i have very little history on it, other than the PO(don't know if he was the first owner or not) owned a fleet of dump trucks(he traded it on a used land rover)and whatever outfit did the mech work on the dumps also did the cruiser. so i'd bet it's not an oem clutch or the first one as the truck was used as a "lite" work truck.
I would go OEM. They last well.
My OEM was still doing great when i replaced it at 150K miles -- second gear went out so it was just convenient to go ahead and replace the clutch too.

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