60 sagging on driver's side

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Jan 25, 2010
Statesville, North Carolina
im looking to buy this 60 and it is sagging on the left side/driver's side. It has a lift on it and is running 33's. what is the problem? is this something i should stay away from? PLease help before I decide to buy
No sounds very normal to me...i wouldn't worry about it as long as everything is intact and its only a slight lean. I have a truck with ome heavys and 33s and it leans its a common cruiser problem but its not noticeable when driving and there is a fix for it but it lowers the higher side so i chose to leave mine. I would hate to tell you to buy something with a problem so i would crawl underneath and check everything just to make sure nothings missing or bent. good luck!
A very unusual LC 40 or 60 is the one that doesn't have a slight sag on the drivers side. I agree it's not worth bothering with.
Take a measuring tape and get some numbers if you are worried about it. With all the tires at the same psi, and with no heavy loads offset to any side of the truck, measure from top of tire to a consistent body line on the truck (if the arches have been rust repaired with bondo it is likely it will prove false numbers. I usually go to the top body line for the rear). If the driver front is lower than the driver side passenger, and the driver side rear is lower than the passenger, your frame is straight; but if the driver front is the lowest, and the passenger rear is lowest, the frame is twisted.
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its possible if the lift is recent they got the rears backwards..........what I mean is they got the passnger side rear on the drivers and vice versa.

It happends alot
Saggy 60 syndrome

A very unusual LC 40 or 60 is the one that doesn't have a slight sag on the drivers side. I agree it's not worth bothering with.

Wonder if that has more to do with design, or the fact that the rig *always* has a driver, but not always a passenger.

I know that MB coupes have an issue with the rear windows getting differential stresses for that reason, and thus the rear windows get stress cracks and discoloration on the driver side in the mid 80's sedans.

Glenn in Tucson
I highly doubt that the frame would be twisted...i mean its a landcruiser, that would take something like a high speed wreck or severe heat to twist, and as far as measuring wheel well gaps to find out if bondo was used? just look at it...a rusty wheel well cant be hidden with bondo...and if that caused your gap to be incorrect you would obviously see some bad body work and therefore reflected in the paintwork...just fyi

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