60 Rear Seat Belt-Cheap Fix

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Jun 21, 2008
Virginia Beach
I'm sure someone has already done this but I though I would post it for anyone that may be searching for a fix.

Problem: Rear seat belts will not pull out/ are locked unless you manually feed them back in. It's like the springs wont pull them back in far enough for the ratchet to let go.
I have to get out and help the kids about half the time.

Cheap fix:
I removed the seat belt assm from behind the seat. Had to lift the my rubber liner. 1 big bolt.
The black plastic cover just folds back to reveal the spool.



The spring loaded metal piece on the right above controls the ratchet mechanism.
When the spool gets big, it releases the lock because the belt is in.
Since my belt wont go in all the way, I added a little offset.
This makes it release a little earlier than usual. It still locks when it is out far enough to go around someone.
I used a cable tie. See pic. Something else may work better.


If you use a cable tie, be sure to tuck it like the pic. Otherwise it will hit the black cover and bind everything making it worse.

Sems to work.
I imagine it will wear out eventually.

If I'm not mistaken, there was a recall on the lap belt retractors. Give Toyota a call to see if your truck has an open recall. N.M.
Thanks, Mine has the extensions so I'm pretty sure the recall was done.
Other posts seem to indicate that it didnt help the retraction issue.

I'd really like to get shoulder belts at some point.


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